Monday, April 24, 2006

Ok, lets start at the beginning.....What in the name of all you hold dear, does 'Ultracrepidarian' mean? Is it a word, a nationality, an illness or a strange sexual practice?

Well dearest reader, it's one of my favourite big, juicy, satisfying words and it suits me down to the ground.

It means 'expressing an opinion beyond one's own area of expertise' and it is a beauifully liberating word because it allows me total freedom to roam through any subject without worrying, that I have no personal experience or knowledge about it.

It allows me to chuck in my two-penneth, with total abandon; without fear of comeback, counter argument or the wrath of someone who is a geniune expert. And boy, have I upset a few of them, as I have merrily dipped into areas where I has no business to be, but the subject just grabbed my attention for a short while.

So if you want to stroll down a few of life's paths with me in order to make assumptions, jump into some judgementalism and swim in sweeping genaralisations, then stay on board.

There are so many topics to explore such as life, love, holidays, shopping, families, other people's kids [aren't they a pain?] and all the other really impotant stuff such as the 'human condition' and developing strategies to get the best parking spaces and most from your relationships.

Let me help you develop optimism and a sense of purpose. I've read so many self help books [well the introdutions at least] that I can help make you slim, confident, happy, more stylish etc. Well OK maybe not, but I can at least raise a smile of a directionless day.

So why am I blogging. Because I'm no good at making cakes and I hate the gym.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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